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We have deeper knowledge of current job market and guide the jobseekers accordingly. Publish your web resume, join training courses, apply for jobs, attend interviews and get your dream job.


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We are providing an one-stop solution to reduce both recruitment and training cost through our portal. Use our Dashboard and get a clear idea about job seekers employability ratio.


Colleges can set up their own placement cell

We help colleges to place their students easily. Upload your students final year project demos online. Ask them to share their knowledge through blogs. This will help to impress the employers.


Training providers can promote their training courses at one place and engage Students & Jobseekers to learn what they want at anytime!

We offer an online learning platform and Training providers can list their courses that consist of various job skills like programming languages, tools APIs, methodologies, software products, personality development, soft skills, communication, interview preparation etc, where students and jobseekers can learn latest technologies step by step, create digital assets and present their improved profile to employers.




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